2014 – Year Of Insight

Yes, this is another cliche ‘year in review’ post.

I believe a year is only as good as it starts out, and last new years eve…well I probably should’ve just hibernated most of 2014 haha

I’ve spent plenty of NYE surrounded by my best friends, usually guzzling champagne and then crying at the end of the night. We’ve actually come accustomed to it, which is why maybe I feel weird that I won’t be spending this year in the same routine.

What is it about New Year’s Eve that makes us so damn emotional?

Everyone either had a really good year or a total disaster. Then we get upset because another year that was supposed to bring us joy and bliss has passed us by.

We’re getting older, the years seem like they’re getting shorter.

It’s exhausting to think about actually.

2014. Yes, it wasn’t my best year, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. I spent some time in new cities (San Francisco, Austin, San Antonio), watch 2 good friends get married, met my heartthrob since 1998; Jeff Timmons,  learned how to snowboard, watch the US national team play & Landon Donavan’s last game, spent some time with amazing guys in the country music industry :), learned more about myself, what I want & where I’m going, and of course I got the opportunity to start coaching soccer thanks to some great people.

Taking everything I’ve learned in 2014 from my friends, my soccer players, family, and coworkers, I truly feel like 2015 is finally going to be the big break. Odd years have always been in my favor, anyway.

Here’s my year:

Happy New Year!